Some Great Binge Watches from Gainax and Studio Trigger


I’m currently editing an article about Gunbuster, the 1988 Gainax classic which manages to tell an amazing (and heart-breaking) story in only six episodes. Gainax has perfected the art of the short series – usually in the form of slapstick, fast-paced OVAs with bright colors and memorable characters. It made me realize that all of my favorite short binge watches are either from Gainax or by production studios ran by former members of Gainax – in particular, Studio Trigger. This list includes my favorite shows and OVAs that only ran for 13 episodes or less (most for only 6). Of course I have to start with my inspiration for this article:

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Where I’m At: July 2017

I graduated 7 months ago. I’m employed, my non-profit work has been going well, and mostly importantly, I’ve been making huge strides in my goals to a) spread and b) make money from my writing. Not as much as I’d like but that’s because I underestimated the process:

I anticipated the hustle but I did not anticipate the TIME.

As both an Aries and an asshole with anxiety, I am an impatient motherfucker. Most of the promising writing leads I found in January didn’t come to fruition until the end of June. After 6 months, my approved poems were finally published in a magazine. In the same amount of time, I finally received feedback on the first draft I sent for my first paid online article. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful – I’m excited and thankful for both of these opportunities – I just honestly didn’t expect the process to take this long.

As someone who used to work as a managing editor of a literary journal, I should have seen this coming. Because of that same experience, I hold no resentment – I know how time-consuming that work is! Really, this has helped with my optimism and incentive to keep at it, because once these pieces get published, I want to have at least a few others out there going through the same process!

What has this taught me other than to try to be less of an impatient asshole? Well, the most significant lesson I’ve taken from these experiences is that I need to keep submitting, submitting, submitting and pitching, pitching, and pitching. I need to do this even when I’m still waiting to hear back from the dozens of other places I’ve reached out to.

In semi-related news, I am the featured poet for a show this weekend and for a show in August! I’m spending what free time I currently have on creating handmade merch. I’m also still writing Kyuranger reviews for Geek Volcano and have a couple new reviews and articles planned for this blog this month.