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This weekend I took the time to watch one of the earliest mecha shows by the prolific Yoshiyuki Tomino, of Mobile Suit Gundam fame. At 26 episodes, Zambot 3 is one of the shortest Tomino shows and an easy binge watch. It is also an early attempt at deconstructing the mecha genre, dealing with what at the time at least was one of the most commonly ignored elephants in the genre: the aftermath of the damage caused by fights.

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Where I’m At: August 2017


I’m taking a break from binge watching the newest season of Voltron to write this and I’m at a bit of a loss for words. I think that’s because my mind is filled with thoughts of giant robots. I’m still writing Kyuranger reviews for Geek Volcano as well…and I need to finish my latest review after I finish watching Voltron!

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